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    Hello! I'm Mike Stebbins

    engineer, designer, coder, builder

Who Am I?

When I was 11, I read THE WAY THINGS WORK cover-to-cover...and I haven't stopped geeking out about making Things since.

Imagining something new and then doing whatever I need to bring it to life is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I'll learn what it takes, stretch my comfort zone, and work tirelessly to make it real.

I have built an extensive set of skills from my time in commercial aerospace, robotics, drones and a product design consultancy; from mechanisms to mechatronics to manufacturing, spaceflight-designs to structures to software, prototypes to technical presentations. Currently, I split my time between designing hyperspectral imaging systems and managing the day-to-day of a 16 person organization.

When I'm not making things, I can be found riding bikes, drinking coffee, reveling in the great outdoors of the Rocky Mountains, and trying (generally unsuccessfully) to keep up with my kids.

Thanks for stopping by!

Get in Touch with Me

Drop me a line to discuss design, bikes, homemade medical devices, or other fun things!

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